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Tactile paving concept - "Intactila" - for the blind and visually impared

The tactile paving concept by DSB (Danish State Railroad) and DSB suburban trains is the result of a new developed project financed by Danish Ministry of Transportation. In fall 2005 the last tests were succesfully finished and proofed by DSB (operation) and the blind and visually impared (users).

Aim of this project was to establish a standard in design and a standard for the exterior tactile paving on all stations cross the ownerships (Banedanmark and DSB).

tactile paving  


The tactile paving system is laid even with the other surface with the tactile element of nubs and fingers located above the even level.

The purpose of the tactile paving is to guide the movement of the blind and visually impared in open and public spaces and it can be used on station platforms, parking-areas and in the street.

Fredericia station  

Station Fredericia, Denmark

After a careful renovation and reflection back to the functionalistic style the station was finished in summer 2005. Today the building from 1927 contrasts with the old and worn out station, that has put its mark on the city for years.

The tactile paving system is used in this renovated station.

accesibility info  


DSB Architects offer professional supervising in terms of accesibility.

In more than 25 years, DSB has worked out a remarkable competence in terms of accesibility in buildings. This work contains the carrying out of solutions, which take into consideration the specific needs of handicapped during a traintrip. DSB has educated 5 accesibility-councelors in the Danish Center for Accesibility to consider these needs.

tactile paving with fibre light  

Developing project

Attention field with fibrelight in combination with the tactile paving concept for blind and visually impared.